I don't have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or my SIN begins with a 9. What should I do?

The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that you need in order to work in Canada. You also need a SIN to access federal government programs and benefits, such as Job Bank. The SIN indicates that you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and are eligible to work in Canada. 

If your SIN begins with the number 9, it means that it is not a permanent SIN. You will be unable to use it to create a job seeker Plus account on Job Bank. SINs that begin with the number 9 are issued to temporary workers who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents. These SINs are only valid until the expiry date indicated on the immigration document that authorizes these individuals to work in Canada. 

If you do not have a SIN, you may apply for a SIN. However, if you are not eligible for a permanent SIN, you can apply for the Express Entry program through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Once you have successfully submitted your Express Entry profile, you will get a letter in your IRCC account containing your Express Entry number and Job Seeker validation code.

As a foreign job seeker or temporary foreign worker, if you are a trying to access Job Match as part of your Express Entry application, use your Express Entry number and Job Seeker validation code instead of the SIN, to create a Plus account.

Note: If you have recently become a permanent resident or Canadian citizen and have obtained a permanent SIN, you must update your user account information on Job Bank.


Important: Job Bank cannot answer questions about SIN applications or the Express Entry program. If you need more information, please contact IRCC or visit the Express Entry Help Centre

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