How can I apply by sharing my resume on Job Bank?

You can apply directly on Job Bank by sharing your resume, but only to job postings where the option "By sharing a resume on Job Bank" is available as an application method. Follow these steps: 

  1. Open the job posting you wish to apply to.
  2. Click on "Show how to apply".
  3. Click in the field under "By sharing a resume on Job Bank". There are two categories in the drop down menu: "Resumes you created" and "Resumes you uploaded".
  4. Log in to your Plus account for Job Seekers.
  5. Select the resume you wish to share from the "Resumes you created" list.
  6. Check the "I agree to share my resume and all the information it includes directly with this employer." box.
  7. Click on "Share your resume".


Note: You’ll first have to create a Plus account for Job Seekers, complete your job seeker profile, and prepare a resume using the Resume Builder prior to apply with the option "By sharing a resume on Job Bank".

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