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Track your job search

How do I keep track of my job search?
By creating a Standard or a Plus Account, you’ll be able to easily track your job search activities that can be used as proof of your job search efforts.   You can: View your ongoing job search activities from your dashboard Favourite jobs you may apply to (including Canada Summer Jobs) Create job alerts to get (more...)

Search for jobs on Job Bank

How can I narrow down my job search?
To refine your job search, you can: Click on ’’Advanced‘’ located below the search box. Select filters such as: Type of work (e.g., full time or part time) Location (e.g., Calgary region) Job type (e.g., permanent, seasonal, etc.) Education level (e.g., University, college, etc.) Job category (e.g., sales and service occupations). Click on ‘’Search’’ at the bottom of the (more...)
How can I find jobs on Job Bank?
You can… Search using keywords and locations. Apply specific filters using Job Bank’s advanced search. ...or you can let the jobs come to you! Subscribe to Job Alerts to be emailed new job postings that match your search criteria. Sign up to Job Match by creating a Plus account for Job Seekers and be instantly matched to (more...)
Why do I see jobs from other websites on Job Bank?
Job postings found on Job Bank are not only posted by registered Job Bank employers. They also come from external partners. Job Bank has agreements with other job boards to share their advertisements. These partnerships benefit job seekers by increasing the number and variety of job postings available on Job Bank.   Our (more...)
Why does a job advertised on Job Bank have a different title than on an employer's website?
Job Bank only uses job titles that are found on the National Occupational Classification (NOC). This means that an employer posting on Job Bank has to choose the best match within the titles corresponding to the NOC code selected. He does not have the option to modify the title.     If an (more...)
How can I apply to a job posting?
Each job posting includes a how-to-apply section located at the bottom. Employers can choose the application methods that suit them the best. To apply for a job, simply follow the instructions specified on the job posting to contact the employer directly.   How-to-apply methods can be: By mail In person By telephone By email By fax Online   Important: Job Bank (more...)
How can I report a problem with a job posting or an employer?
You can use the “Report a problem with this job posting” button located at the bottom of every job posting. Messages sent through this link allows Job Bank to locate and review the job posting in order to take the appropriate actions.   You can also report a problem with a job posting (more...)

Be matched to jobs

I am not satisfied with my Job Match results. How can I improve my matches?
The best way to improve your Job Match results is to change your matching mode. To do so, log into your account and go under “Profile settings” on your dashboard, then, click on “Modify”. Select “Use default mode” if you would like to receive more job matches from a wide variety of (more...)
I'm seeing job postings that match my experience and skills, but I'm not being matched to them. Why?
There are a few reasons why you might not be matched to job postings that match your experience and skills: If you have not included your experience, skills, education or credentials in your profile. Make sur to keep the information up to date to ensure that Job Match shows you proper matches. If (more...)
How do I sign up for Job Match?
To use Job Match, you need to create a Plus account and complete your job seeker profile.   First, create your user account: Go to Job Bank for Job Seekers and click on "Sign up now!". Select the Plus Account in order to have access to Job Match. Read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use. (more...)
I am having a hard time completing my job seeker profile. What should I do?
You might be unable to find a specific job title, education program or credential while making your job seeker profile. In this case, you can use Job Match’s built-in search checklist.   Here are a few tips to help: If you can’t find a job title when adding your work experience, try clicking "Cannot (more...)
I'm looking for a job. What is Job Match?
Job Match is a service that matches you with advertised job postings created on Job Bank by verified employers. Your work experience, skills, education and credentials are matched to job postings requiring similar criteria. Employers can see your profile and invite you to apply for the job.   All job seekers’ profiles are (more...)

Receive job alerts by email

How can I subscribe to Job Alerts?
To subscribe to Job Alerts: Go to Job Alerts. Enter a job title that interests you. Enter a location that interests you. Enter the email address that you would like the Job Alerts sent to. Click on “Subscribe”.   You can also create Job Alerts directly from a job search running. To do so: Click on “Create an alert (more...)
I’m not receiving a lot of Job Alerts. What can I do?
If you are not receiving a lot of job alerts: Try widening your search area (Prince Edward Island instead of Charlottetown). Change a keyword (enter “administrative assistant” instead of “secretary”). Use a generic job title (enter “engineer” instead of “mechanical design engineer”).   Be aware that you will not receive any job alerts email if there (more...)
How can I modify my job alerts?
You can create or delete an alert easily: Click on “View all my alerts” within your Job Alerts email. Perform a job search and click on “Create an alert with this search” from the results page. Click on “View alerts” located at the bottom right of the Job Alerts page.
How can I unsubscribe from Job Alerts?
You can unsubscribe from Job Alerts at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of your Job Alerts emails.   You can also unsubscribe from Job Alerts by clicking on “View alerts” located at the bottom of the Job Alerts page.
What is the difference between Job Alerts and Job Match?
Job Alerts and Job Match are two distinct services that both assist you in finding jobs.   Job Alerts is a free job search tool that allows you to search for jobs by job title and location. The alerts sent to you are based on your job search criteria, which you can modify (more...)
What is Job Alerts?
Job Alerts is a free email service notification that alerts you once a day of new job postings that you might be interested in. Each email sent provides a list of jobs matching the job search criteria you entered when you initially set up your subscription.   Subscribing to Job Alerts is easy; (more...)
Why have I been subscribed to Job Alerts by Job Bank?
You might have been subscribed to Job Alerts by Job Bank to help you look for work if you recently completed an application for Employment Insurance.   Job Alerts is a free email service notification alerting you once a day of new job postings that might interest you. Results are based on your (more...)

Create a resume

What is the Resume Builder?
The Resume Builder is a tool that generates a well-organized resume based on your qualifications, work experience and education. You can customize the sections to create a resume which is tailored to the job you want. You can even build multiple resumes and adapt each of them to the specific criteria (more...)
How do I access the Resume Builder?
To use the Resume Builder, you have to create a Standard or a Plus account and complete your job seeker profile. Once done, you will have access to the Resume Builder.   Here are the steps to access it: Go to Job Bank for Job Seekers and click on "Sign up now!". Choose between the (more...)
Which resume template should I choose?
The Resume Builder allows you to create a professional and personalized resume that suits your current situation and your job search goals.   The Resume Builder currently offers two types of templates: the ‘traditional’ and the ‘youth and recent graduates’. Here are some tips to choose the resume template that best highlights your (more...)
How can I customize my resume using the Resume Builder?
With the Resume Builder, you can create a customized resume and tailor it to the job you want. Here are some tips to help you craft an effective resume:   Select a template that suits your current situation and work objectives. See Which resume template should I choose? if you’re not sure which (more...)
How can I improve my work experience section using the Resume Builder?
The Work Experience section is probably the most important section of your resume. To improve this section, you can:   Use industry standard job titles that reflect the jobs you’ve held and match your skill level. Don’t go creative; be generic and honest. Your position titles should describe what you’ve done and what (more...)
I already have a resume. Can I upload it to the Resume Builder?
No. You can’t upload your resume to Job Bank. If you already have your own resume and you would like to transfer it to the Resume Builder, you can copy and paste your information into the template. You will then be able to manage your existing resume with all the features (more...)

Find an employment centre

I need help in person. Where can I go?
If you’re interested in meeting with someone who can help you find a job or prepare for work, you can visit an employment centre. Employment centres offer personalized and in-person assistance for Canadian job seekers all over the country. You can locate your nearest employment centre on Job Bank.   If you have (more...)

Find a job in Canada as a foreign job seeker

I need help with my Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker validation code. What should I do?
When you type your Express Entry profile number, make sure to enter the numbers exactly as they are shown. Don’t copy and paste, as it can create an extra hidden character which could generate an error. These codes are also case sensitive.   You may also need to update your Express Entry profile (more...)
I live outside of Canada and want to work in Canada. Where can I get information on this process?
If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, an employment authorization may be required before you begin work or continue working in Canada.   To learn more about the requirements, you should visit Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This federal department is responsible for all information and applications regarding visas (more...)
I’m a foreign job seeker. Can I apply to job postings advertised on Job Bank?
Yes. Anyone can apply to job postings found on Job Bank. You can apply directly by using the how-to-apply method provided on each job posting.   If you’re registered with the Express Entry program and you’re using the Job Match tool, you will only get match to jobs after 30 days from the (more...)
I don't have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or my SIN begins with a 9. What should I do?
The Social Insurance Number is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to federal government programs and benefits such as Job Bank. The SIN indicates that you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and are eligible to work in Canada.   If you don't have (more...)
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